Oxford digital teaching innovation forum

A new community of practice

Teaching staff can share and develop digital teaching practices in the Oxford Digital Teaching Innovation Forum. Academic-led and supported by Academic IT and the Oxford Learning Institute (OLI), this forum for tutors/lecturers will drive forward innovative digital teaching practices at the University of Oxford.

Termly meetings (chaired by Dr Sumathi Sekaran, senior course tutor, Oxford Online Programme for Sleep Medicine) are held in a physical location but participants are also be able to join via videoconferencing. Talks will be recorded, look out for details of forthcoming meetings on this page.


Email: oxdtif@medsci.ox.ac.uk

Trinity Term 2018 meeting

Watch the meeting

Watch a recording of the meeting.


The first meeting of the forum was on Monday 16 April 2018 at St Catherine's College where we celebrated the launch of the forum.

This networking event hosts a series of short talks by academics to introduce a range of digital teaching initiatives taking place across the University. This is a chance for you not only to learn about these practices but also a place for you to help develop these and potentially initiate new practices.

The events are open to teaching staff at Oxford.

Primary aim

Share, develop and support digital teaching practices

Online teaching can involve multiple digital platforms and tools.

A tutor points out important aspects of chick embryology using the interactive whiteboard coupled to a dissecting microscope, so that the entire class can visualise key biological features

A tutor uses the interactive whiteboard coupled to a dissecting microscope, so that the entire class can visualise key features

With kind permission from the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (all rights reserved)

Academics across Oxford are using technologies in different ways to enhance and support their teaching. However, there is little interaction between groups. The Digital Teaching Innovation Forum will draw in this academic audience to share and develop digital teaching methods.

The forum will put forward recommendations of established and/or new digital teaching practices (see Sharing and developing digital teaching practices) but will also consider student factors e.g. developing student access to online support.

Additional aims

Identify "best" digital education practices

To help implement the University's digital education strategy the Digital Teaching Innovation Forum will support the identification of "best" digital education practices for teaching and learning, and complement the work of existing schemes such as:

Inform decision-making

The Digital Teaching Innovation Forum will be able to collate the views of the digital teaching community across the institution. This will be invaluable in decision-making by existing advisory groups such as the Learning Technologies Advisory Group and the Digital Education Strategy Implementation Group.

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