The OxTALENT annual awards

The OxTALENT annual awards recognise members of the University who have made innovative use of digital technology to:

  • Foster learning and academic practice at either undergraduate or postgraduate level;
  • Develop more effective links between teaching and research; or
  • Improve impact through outreach and public engagement.

The competition is open to all students and staff, and awards can be given either to individuals or to groups. In addition to the academic divisions, we welcome entries from the University's libraries, art galleries and museums, and from administrative and support staff.

You can submit an entry yourself or nominate a colleague who has impressed you with their use of technology. You can also contact the OxTALENT competition committee to let us know about someone we should approach to encourage them to submit an entry. Email

Prizes in each category

  • First prize: £150 Amazon voucher
  • Second prize: £75 Amazon voucher
  • We also award honourable mentions to other high-quality entries at our discretion.

Closing date for entries

Friday 27th April. Find out how to enter.  

Awards ceremony

Wednesday 13th June. Read about the awards ceremony.

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