Our Digital Learning Labs, virtual communities in Oxford, are experimenting and sharing practice in the following areas:


What is a Lab and what's in it for me?

The Digital Learning Labs allow academics, tutors and staff to explore technologies and practices in the field of teaching and learning - without having to go through bureaucratic processes.

Labs, supported by learning technologists from the TEL team, facilitate exploration, collaboration and innovation. With Oxford’s Digital Education Strategy (2016-2020) allocating resources to support students and staff in the use of current digital technologies, work has been done to raise awareness. We have also started to build a solid foundation from which to implement digital learning across the University. Given this ideal environment for exploring new ideas, we have introduced Digital Learning Labs.

These Labs give you the opportunity to 

  • consult the TEL team,
  • borrow our equipment to trial out,
  • draw on our help to identify and explore possible collaboration with relevant groups and projects within Oxford or to form partnerships with external organisations and
  • ask us to organise workshops, webinars and mini-conferences with potential collaborators.

What can you expect from the TEL team?

Labs enable Oxford to be at the forefront of digital education. To this end, the TEL team focuses on:

  • Being responsive: supporting academics in using the emerging practices and technologies based on their needs.
  • Being proactive: informing academics of what will be at the horizon for education in terms of practices and technologies independently of their current needs. For example, in 5-10 years’ time universities will face the expansion of Artificial Intelligence, which is already reasonably sophisticated in the role of teaching assistant (e.g. the Georgia Institute of Technology introduced an AI teaching assistant “Jill Watson” in 2016).

What do we expect from you?

In exchange for our support, we ask you to share your experiences with other academics and staff at Oxford. So if you are interested in trialling a technology, for example, we will ask you for your feedback in order to share it here, making it accesible to a wider audience. In this way we make sure that knowledge exchange takes place across the University. 

What larger impact will Labs make?

Digital Learning Labs will help to create a culture within which research related to TEL in Oxford and beyond can flourish. They are a means of not only keeping IT and administrative staff informed but also engaging the majority of academic staff and researchers at Oxford with digital education. This can contribute to the development of the University's next Digital Education Strategy (2020+).


Book a consultation

Contact the TEL team to arrange a meeting.

You can book a learning technologist to help you implement and evaluate the tools in your teaching and learning. For example:

  • Short initial meeting (1–2 hours)
  • Workshops and training (3–4 hours)
  • Intensive side-by-side support, helping to trial tools and approaches (e.g. 2–5 days over a term)

More in-depth support is available.

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