MOSAIC: Hands-on demo

If you or anyone you know is interested in building a website using Mosaic, we highly recommend coming to our hands-on demo. target="_blank" title="ITLC">Book now

This provides an introduction to Oxford Mosaic, an interactive demonstration of how anyone can use it to build high quality websites, and an opportunity to meet the Mosaic team and ask questions.

This free-of-charge interactive demo session is for anyone interested in using Oxford Mosaic to build high quality websites to publish information about research, staff, students, articles, publications, news, events and more.

  • Introduction to the Oxford Mosaic service and toolkit: what it is; support available; examples of sites built on the platform
  • A tour of the toolkit
  • Content architecture and content filtering concepts in Mosaic, such as content types and taxonomies
  • Setting up a new page and creating a listing of content
  • Site theming with font and colour selections
  • What Mosaic provides for your web site project - hosting and building tools, plus guidance and resources for the rest of your site's content, navigation and design work


An in-person demonstration mixing presentation and practical

Intended Audience

Anyone wanting to create a website for a research project, department, college, admin or service unit, student society, multi-disciplinary group or cross-institutional collaboration. Also Site Owners, Administrators or content editors of existing Mosaic sites.

NB Undergraduates and taught postgraduates are not eligible to have personal websites on Mosaic.


  • Gain familiarity with the editing interface of the Oxford Mosaic CMS and be able to assess its suitability as a tool for providing your website
  • Understand the design and planning elements you need to consider before using Mosaic to build your website
  • Be familiar with content architecture concepts in Oxford Mosaic, such as content types
  • Understand how the components within Mosaic can be used to build your tailored design
  • Understand how to create and control the quality of content using templates
  • Understand how to create a page on a website, link it to the main navigation of the site, and implement widgets on the page to display content

Further Reading

  • Pre-requisites: Mosaic can be used without technical web skills but you should be comfortable working with common IT tools and software. It is assumed that you are familiar with name="Mosaic" target="_blank">the nuts and bolts of using the Mosaic tools
  • Training courses run regularly, so keep an eye on the Mosaic training page for the latest upcoming courses and to register your interest for future courses
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