Assistive Technology (AT) workshop

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is an umbrella term for devices and software that aid people in performing activities of daily living. At Oxford, students use assistive technology to help access their studies. This includes areas such as research, composition, notetaking and exams. 

Examples of assistive technology can range from an alternative keyboard, mouse, braille display, large screen or applications that run on standard computers. Applications perform functions which include; reading information back to the user, helping to create and manage ideas before writing, converting information into a range of accessible formats, or allowing the user to speak directly to their computer. Whatever the technology used, the objective is to help an individual to achieve their potential, regardless of disability or difficulty. 

What will be covered in this session?

This session will provide you with an overview of the different assistive technologies used within the university, with a primary focus on the packages recommended most for Oxford students through the Disabled Students’ Allowance process.

We will review:

  • The fundamentals of accessibility (Microsoft Windows based)
  • Alternative hardware devices
  • Adaptive devices
  • Assistive applications (multi-functional literacy support tools, mind mapping, voice recognition, screen magnification, screen reading)

There will be time built into the session for questions, and an opportunity to handle a range of devices.

Who is this session for?

We hope that this session would be helpful and interesting for everyone. However, anyone involved in student support and welfare, product and/or service development, IT support, project management/development, and/or teaching, would all benefit from attending.

For more information please contact Andy Clarke, Assistive Technology for Exams Project Officer.

Further Reading

  • Contact the TEL team for more information on how to make your teaching more accessible.
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