You can help student innovators!

The IT Innovation Challenges: Student 2018 ideas are now open for just a few days for you to discuss and provide feedback, and to offer resources, technical expertise or personal experiences, as well as your thumbs up...

The idea submission stage for this challenge has now closed and 14 ideas have been shared. Thank you to all the student innovators who have put an idea out in the open to hopefully be funded to the tune of up to £15,000 each!

All University members are now invited to explore these ideas at

  • ask questions
  • add suggestions
  • offer your expertise
  • offer your experience of the problem being solved, and
  • vote for your favourites.

The ideas are open for comments and discussion until 23rd February.


The IT Innovation Challenges panel will then evaluate the ideas and select the ones to go through to the next stage which consists of developing and presenting a project proposal based on the idea.

All the student innovators need your help to get through to the next stages!

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