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An update on the VLE Review supplier selection process, and links to further information. Words by Prof Eric T Meyer, Oxford Internet Institute.

I am writing this as the new sponsor of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Review, taking over from the previous sponsor Peggy McCready (former Director of Academic IT, IT Services). Last term, we announced that we would look for a new VLE supplier to replace WebLearn. Here is an update on the supplier selection process, and links to further information.

A male student looks at a tablet computer outside the Blavatnik building, Oxford

Checking tutorial timings on the VLE

Photo by Xavier Laurent CC (BY-SA-NC 4.0)

A thorough selection process, consisting of a number of activities, such as supplier demonstrations, and usability testing, has been put in place. The details are on the VLE Review selecting a new supplier web page (Oxford SSO login is required to view this page). The VLE Review User Group is involved throughout the process, to ensure Oxford's needs are met satisfactorily.

Following submissions of their detailed proposals fulfilling a list of requirements specific to Oxford, VLE suppliers have been invited to demonstrate the suitability of their proposals in person. To ensure this process is fair and in line with recommendations from the University Purchasing department, names of the suppliers taking part in the selection process will be shared only after the process is complete.

The results of all activities will feed into a report, which will be considered by the VLE Review Project Board on 28 November, who will recommend a preferred supplier.

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