Streaming live lectures for medical students on rotation

For Medical Sciences' students who are routinely on hospital placements away from Oxford in years four to six, the ability to capture and stream live lectures, tutorial and seminars is a must.

Choosing the right tool for your Web and audio conferencing is an important decision and needs proper consideration. Over several years, Medical Sciences has settled on WebEx as its primary service, not least because its 'screencast' format plays well to the style of a typical medical lecture, with its extensive use of images, graphs and diagrams. Live chat and real-time questioning during lectures are also popular among staff and students alike, as well as the ability to share presentations, applications, and even the lecturer's desktop.

To use WebEx, all participants need is a computer, mobile phone, or tablet with an internet connection, headphones, and, optionally, a webcam.

Damion Young, Medical Sciences Division Learning Technologies

Screenshot of the University of Oxford WebEx service

Screenshot of the University of Oxford WebEx service

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Streaming lectures with WebEx

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