Staff 2018 IT Innovation Challenge opens

If you're a member of staff you can bid for up to £50k from the University's 'IT Innovation Challenge - Staff 2018'. This year's optional theme is The Intelligent Campus.

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The IT Innovation Challenges sets out to support innovation at Oxford. The scheme issues calls for innovative ideas that can be developed into digital projects that bring benefit to the University or enhance the staff or student experience at Oxford through digital means.

Do you have an idea for a digital project that would benefit the University, its staff or students? Oxford staff can get up to £50k through the IT Innovation Challenges scheme to realise their ideas. To enter the competition all you need to do is share a brief description of your idea through the Oxford Ideas site.

Submit your idea soon

Sharing your idea early allows others time to comment, offer advice and support your idea giving you a greater chance of success. You can edit your submitted idea and incorporate any comments or suggestions received up until the closing date (18th March). If your idea is chosen to progress to the next stage you will be invited to develop your idea further into a project proposal and pitch this to the funding panel.

This years theme: The Intelligent Campus

Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and virtual/augmented reality are technologies that have arrived and have the potential to tackle some of Higher Education’s big challenges. This year's IT Innovation challenge invites you to come with ideas for projects that improve the staff/student experience at Oxford through exploring these emerging technologies:

  • The use of smart campus technology
  • AI to speed up administrative processes
  • AR to enhance our public spaces
  • VR to create immersive learning experiences

As always, we also welcome other ideas for projects that bring benefit to the University, its staff and/or students through digital means.

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