Setting a new standard for field classes through the VLE

According to colleagues Dr Thomas Jellis (School of Geography) has set a new standard for field classes after designing a 'one stop shop' for undergraduates participating in a study trip to Copenhagen.

He saw the potential to create a highly specialised learning environment on the VLE (WebLearn): one that would provide students with useful, up-to-date information before, during and after the trip; encourage collaboration through group project wikis; and provide a coherent, reusable structure for future excursions. With WebLearn's responsive page layout, that adapts seamlessly to any device, it could be accessed in Oxford or on the field trip.

Students felt prepared in advance of the trip and, as it came to a close, confident that they knew what was expected of them in terms of writing up their findings.

Dr Thomas Jellis

Dr Thomas Jellis sitting in a coffee shop

Dr Thomas Jellis, all rights reserved.

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