Polling tool Meetoo is now VevOx

Meetoo is called VevOx as of 21 March 2019. There is a new app, but rest assured: this won't change much about how you are using the polling tool and won't affect the University's full licence.

So why the change?

This official statement on the VevOx website states the reasons for their name change:

Since October 2017 the momentum and awareness of the #MeToo movement has continued to grow globally. Despite our similarity in name with #MeToo, for a long time we felt it was unnecessary to change. However, we have listened closely to our partners and customers and in recent months have received a significant volume of feedback, that whilst they continue to love the product, the name is increasingly causing a distraction and even a barrier to use. For this reason, we came to the decision that it was the right time to change our name.

Just to reassure you, other than changing name, the apps, dashboard, PowerPoint add-in, branding and team that you are used to working with, will all remain the same. The existing Meetoo apps will also remain available for the foreseeable future to allow a transition period where required. You can view the new web app vevox.app now and the iOS and Android apps will be released in the coming days.

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Using VevOx at Oxford

The University of Oxford has a full licence for VevOx until the end of this academic year.

On this page, you will find more information about getting started with VevOx and other polling tools at Oxford and how these student response systems are currently being used.

Continue using Meetoo web app

We had planned to continue to provide the Meetoo iOS native app after the 21st March, but due to Apple’s rules on duplicate apps this may not now be possible. We are in discussions with Apple and will provide an update on this when we have more news.  

Our advice is that if you wish to continue using a Meetoo named app, on or after 21st March, please use the Meetoo web app only which can be accessed at web.meetoo.com and will be continue to be available for at least the next 12 months.

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