Polling apps for instant feedback in a large class

"Any questions?" Silence. Not a peep. Either your students effortlessly grasp the finer points of your lecture – or at least some of your class are simply too embarrassed to pipe up about anything they don't understand.

Professor Sophocles Mavroeidis (University College) used voting software to find out if students were keeping up with his lectures in the Department of Economics. An easy-to-use polling app (Socrative) helped Professor Mavroeidis get just the on-the-spot feedback he needed to tailor the pace and focus of his teaching.

I strongly recommend this app to any instructor teaching medium to large-sized classes who wishes to give or receive instant feedback to or from students. It is extremely easy to use and can be set up within minutes.

Professor Sophocles Mavroeidis

Screenshot of dashboard of teacher login

Dashboard of Socrative teacher login

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