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Are you short on time but curious about working with technology to enhance your teaching? By listening to this new University of Oxford podcast series in which academics discuss their use of digital learning tools, you are likely to find inspiration on the go.

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Learn about technology enhanced teaching wherever you are. Image by Matheus Silva on Pexels.

Time is one of the most valuable resources for tutors and teachers at Oxford. Sometimes they simply cannot find the time to go to a two-hour workshop or course on how technologies could potentially enrich their teaching or which technologies are available to illustrate difficult concepts.

If you are looking for a different way to learn about digital teaching taking place at Oxford, the new podcast series called '5 minutes with…' is for you. In this series, academic staff at Oxford talk about how they use technology for teaching and learning, how it provides a richer learning experience and stimulates critical thinking. Academics talk about their experiences and outline the advantages of digitally enhanced teaching and learning on a wide range of topics, such as videos, Canvas, apps and polling systems.

So, if you only have five minutes, just listen in on the 5 minutes with... podcast. You can also find it on iTunes.

Listen to the first episode

Listen to Dr Smart talk about her work with video.

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