Healthy peer pressure through the VLE helps students get published

Does your course put a premium on peer-review and publication? The MSc in Evidence-based Health Care does. Dr Jeremy Howick (Department of Primary Care Health Sciences) and Lettitia Derrington (Department for Continuing Education) have been exploring how a Virtual Learning Environment like WebLearn can support students to act as reviewers of each other's work and provide them with training in the process of academic publishing.

Dr Howick and Derrington built a peer review process into online forums through which students acted as both editors of their peers’ essay assignments after submitting their own work at the proposal, outline and draft stages.

Have students found it useful? Feedback has been universally positive, reports Dr Howick, with 100% taking active part.

Thank you. I have never had a teacher give so much help and input before... I wish I had had teachers like you in the past.

Participating student

A row of five students work at laptops

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