The Carnival came to town!

Curiosity Carnival - Oxford's European Researchers' Night - took place on Friday 29th September in the University's museums, libraries, gardens, and on the streets. Words by Dr Lesley Paterson, Head of Public Engagement with Research.

The evaluation and impact assessment are ongoing but headline results reveal that 9,400 people attended the Curiosity Carnival on the night and engaged with 493 researchers, DPhil students and academics from over 60 different departments and faculties across the University.

The 'carnival' saw school students voting in a sort of dragons' den contest called "I'm a researcher get me outahere!", the University had been working for weeks with their schools for the competition. Elsewhere academics explained their research, or the core principles of their field, to the public. A wonderful opportunity for learning and teaching, and an amazing effort to reach out, and inspire children and adults to consider studying in more depth.

Marcus du Sautoy and his team have developed activities to engage young people, adults and families with sound and symmetry

More shared learning to follow, but in the meantime well done to all of those involved - it was an amazing night of high quality, creative and innovative public engagement with research.

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