Canvas in the (virtual) classroom – a play

What is the best way to show how the tools and features in Canvas can be used to deliver teaching and learning? By putting on a play, of course!  

On 30 January St Hilda’s College saw our learning technologists Xavier Laurent and Fawei Geng star as Professor X and the Narrator, respectively in ‘Canvas in the (virtual) classroom – a play’. Professor X, an academic teaching first year Chemistry, ably assisted by (real) Oxford chemistry students Deanne Clarke and Jemilat Kazeem, used the flipped classroom teaching method to deliver 3 weeks of teaching activities. Assignments, video feedback and notifications were just some of the tools used to help stimulate the imagination of attendees and show how to add value to traditional lectures.

two female students working on tablets

We received excellent feedback, both immediately after and subsequently. Many thanks indeed to our students for taking part.

Missed the Canvas play?

Don't worry, you'll get another chance to see it! We are currently planning on bringing the play to the stage again, so make sure to watch this space for updates!

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