Oxplore schools outreach: shaping the aspirations and potential of students early online

How do you know what young people think about learning, exploring, and developing a portal for them? 'Just ask them.' Young people are engaging with digital technology in different ways to older demographics, and to ensure that the University of Oxford's new digital outreach portal, Oxplore, will be relevant and meaningful the team at Widening Access and Participation are involving young people in the design from the start. The project team have been working with 11-16 year olds at the IntoUniversity Oxford South East centre in Blackbird Leys. The work to gather requirements is blogged, each post reflecting on what worked.

This bespoke learning hub aims to curate and connect content across different subjects to inspire intellectual curiosity among students from Year 7 to Sixth Form, and is set to be a valuable addition to traditional outreach and school visits. The portal will particularly serve 11-18 year olds from groups currently under-represented at Oxford. Some of these young people are already being reached through the college access activities or through other programmes such as the UNIQ summer school, but Oxplore aims to expand these interventions in the digital space.

We're carving out a new way of reaching young people by using the same digital and social technologies they use every day. It can also help to shape the aspirations and potential from Year 7 to Sixth Form - earlier than we do at present.

Jimi Slattery, Head of Widening Access and Participation

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